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Ophelia in “Hamlet”


by William Shakespeare, directed by Sandu Grecu #arttheaterdeva, 2020

Hamlet is the dimension between freedom and captivity, silence and revolt, resistance and defeat, betrayal and devotion, love and perversity, morality and immorality. In a hurried, selfish, hypocritical century, society has degraded morally, directly proportional to technical and scientific development. Society has progressed intellectually, sacrificing morality and provoking new interpersonal relationships, in which spiritual values have a different meaning in the way we resist in society. 

Any revolt of the individual against the rules imposed by power and society is silenced. Selfish faith and pragmatism have become a formula for resistance in modern society. Therefore, one of the missions of contemporary theater is to resist this situation in which the whole of humanity is in captivity of all governing regimes, which have silenced us.
“Thinking makes us all cowards” -William Shakespeare (Sandu Grecu – director)

Distribuțion :
Laurențiu Lungu, Ioana Cojocărescu, Anette Marka, Mihai Feier, Eugen Pădureanu, Silviu Ionuț Dobre, Theodor Crețu, Sergiu Cornelius, Viorica Bulgac, Diana Gabriela Rotaru, Aurelian Răducu Gheorghe, Laura Tulac, Cristian Pietonu, Mihai Panaitescu