Bine te-am găsit!

I am a Romanian based actress, born on November 6, 1997 in a small city of Romania called Satu Mare.


My first real contact with the world of theatre was during highschool, when I got into the amateur theatre company of the city I lived in. There I met people with common interests, such as artists and many other curious people.  My introduction to the theatre world took me out of my comfort zone and, from that moment onwards, I allowed myself to really live my life guided by curiosity and an open heart.


Besides theatre, I flirt with photography, music, painting and dancing. I also started to experiment with life as a street artist, making living statues at different events. Furthermore, I attended the Babes Bolyai University, Faculty of Theatre and Film, Performing Arts – Acting departament in Cluj Napoca from 2016 to 2019. During these three years, I was lucky to be guided with interest and dedication by Filip Odangiu (stage actor, author of two reference books in the field of theatrical practice and a lecturer at the University) and Sinko Ferenc(stage actor and director, member of the Hungarian state theatre). They teached me how to express my emotions using mostly my body (pantomim; Commedia dell’ arte). Studying Shakespearean characters, I learned about the power of words. I also learned how to build a (one-man) show from head to tail. During the university years and, also, after I graduated I did many workshops with experienced people (contact improvisation, storytelling, contemporary dance, impro-show, voice optimization) that helped me grow as an artist.


I am still in a continuous learning cycle and I realise every day that art is everywhere, and people are built to recognize it in their own unique way, when they free themselves from prejudice.


Theatre means “together”. With people. About people. For people.

Let’s have the courage to be vulnerable!