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Monodrama – “I wanted to scream”

by Mihai Ignat , directed by Filip Odangiu, 2019

In her attempts to strip herself of the layers of censorship she has worn, consciously or not, throughout her life, a woman seeks to find herself, guided by the uninterrupted dialogue between the two antagonistic forces vying for her primacy. : her rebellious, impulsive nature, eager to live her life beyond the norms imposed by society, and her authoritative voice that repeats that such a thing “is not done…what would the people think?”. 

“I wanted to scream” is a show that puts us face to face with the drama of a woman in a moment of revelation, of awareness of the false reality in which she and those around her live. The woman desperately seeks a salvation, an awakening from the numbness of the soul, from the routine, a call to live as you want, not as it should.